There’s no arguing the fact that Nintendo has become mad geniuses when it comes to new iterations of handheld devices; not to mention their similar treatment of the actual consoles. We are constantly tickled with the prospects of a newer look and feel to our supposedly current investment; and when that screen gets bigger or gains a backlight, it makes the old version seems so flat.

But goddammit, I’ll buy every last upgrade.

They hold out on the colors of that lovely new product that plays the new iteration of Mario/Zelda/Metroid games that encompass everything you loved about the classic versions- with current gen features. Each E3 shows fantastic colors of the next console, only to release a single color for the first year of the consoles life.

And I mentioned before, the screen… THE SCREEN! There’s always a bigger screen right around the corner. GIVE ME THE BIG ONE TO START WITH INSTEAD OF THIS MINISCULE DISPLAY… that only looks tiny after the glowing reviews praise the crisper and larger screen on the new version. This is my greatest downfall; I can never return to my outdated portable knowing there is a bigger screen out there to play Starfox 64 3D on.

As a connoisseur of game boys from the pocket until now, my childhood’s wellbeing relied on a solid source of light to illuminate my tiny game boy pocket/color/advance screen. You better believe I would’ve given my 12-year-old kidney to receive this. To me, the Gameboy Advance SP was a gift from the Nintendo lords above, but why oh why did it take so long? Because Nintendo is the best at giving you the next best thing each and every time.

This all leads into my post-childhood where I still find a preoccupation with portable video games. I truly love the intimacy of the devices and I believe the 3ds was a huge step in the right direction to recapture the dwindling brilliance with portable games. And here we are again, still facing the upgrades that plagued earlier iterations (i.e. The XL.) And guess what? I still want it. Time after time, Nintendo knows best, even if that means you aren’t getting their best.

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