Let me set up a scenario that I participated in with this game.

There’s a small shack set up next to the side of the road and I’m interested in trying out the proximity mine feature by blowing up whatever car passes, be it friendly or not. Sure enough, minutes after I set the mines a jeep rolling deep with pirates jaunts its way down the dirt road. I wait in anticipation and in my excitement I stand up to make sure I get to see the fireworks… which was a terrible idea because I’m instantly seen and the jeep stops mere feet away from the sudden carnage that was about to happen. Thus a firefight between us is initiated; the enemies in the game just don’t have that extra oomph to make for a realistically positive outlook for them and I wipe them out quickly. Typically once a firefight like this occurs, everyone in the area/backup make their way to the scene and things start to really pick up. As soon as the next enemies roll out of the jeep, the situation takes a new turn as a pack of dingos have decided they’re going to join the fray. So now there is dingos, pirates and myself absolutely freaking out in the mess of a situation and of course more backup starts rolling up for the pirates. However, something that I’d forgotten completely about returned to the battle; my proximity mines. The newest jeep rolls into my pair of mines set up to begin this chaos, instantly exploding into a mess of shrapnel and bodies flung in all directions. Lucky for me, the jeep slams into a pirate and dingo killing them instantly and thinning out the opposition’s forces. All that’s left is a single pirate in the middle of everything, and he’s completely forgotten about my presence supposedly from shock but more realistically due to the enemy AI’s short attention span. Back into a position where stealth is unbelievably possible again after so much blasphemy, I sneak up behind the lone enemy and shove my knife through his gut; eviscerating him from back to front, thus wiping out the only other living thing in the immediate vicinity. Leaving me. Alone. With burning wreckage, terminated dingos, and countless mangled pirate corpses littering the dirt road.

I’m done here and ready to move on to the next ridiculous and completely unexpected encounter.

3 thoughts on “Far Cry 3: You cannot script anything in this game.

  1. Even when I’m hunting specifically for a shark, things never go as planned, and then a shark shows up and I’m like “WTF ARE YOU DOING OUT HERE IN THE OCEAN, SHARK?!” I like what I’m reading here, can’t wait to see more of your gaming thoughts.

  2. I just loooove Far cry 3! It’s so much fun sneaking around in the jungle and taking outpost through stealth and knifing ^_^ even when it goes wrong and your up against a whole army, and sometimes even a chopper!! it’s still fun and incredibly exciting! 😀

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